What to know as a client!

Attorney Fees 

The attorney only gets paid when you do! Meagan will only take a portion of your settlement when she wins your case! All cases are reviewed for FREE!  

Medical Bills 

During case negotiations, you are not required to pay medical bills. Meagan will provide doctors will send a letter on your behalf stating the doctor will get paid from the settlement.  

Suit Stages 

Meagan will review your case and from there, she will negotiate a settlement with the insurance company. During her discovery process, she might ask for you to answer questions honestly to be able to defend your case to get the compensation you deserve.  


Witnesses increase the chances of winning a case. Witnesses can be from the scene of an accident or an expert witness such as a doctor. Doctors typically will provide examination information and give their expert opinion on your injuries.  


Cases can last up to a year or more to settle and most can be resolved outside of court. 


If a case is favorable to you, the attorney fees and medical bills are taken from settlement and then you are paid. The amount of settlement depends on the fault’s insurance.