What to do at the accident scene to get the compensation you need!

Medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses or pain and suffering, if you are injured in a car accident, you want the compensation you deserve! The insurance companies will give the bare minimum for your injury claim if you do not protect yourself. Project yourself from the insurance companies by following these tips while at the accident scene: 

  1. CALL 911!!  Tell the operator your location, major injuries and the dangers at the scene.  
  1. Avoid making any statements! Until you speak with a lawyer, try to avoid admitting to the accident or saying sorry. Any statements can be contributed to the accident and will limit compensation from the other driver’s insurance company. Even if you are the cause of the accident or partially to blame, you can receive compensation from the other driver’s insurance.   
  1. Take pictures and write down information! You are required to exchange ID and insurance information at an accident scene, but ask for other information as well. Take pictures of the accident scene, write down make and model of vehicle, email address and cell phone number of the other driver, make notes about the accident and driver’s appearance and ask witnesses to write down what they saw with date and signature. 
  1. Never refuse medical treatment! Even if you have slight neck pain or cut finger, you should seek medical treatment. By refusing or delaying medical treatment insurance companies can deny claims.  
  1. Call your insurance company! Give all accounts of the accidents and depending on your coverage, you can receive assistance with medical bills, car repairs and rental car services. 
  1. Meagan will review your claim for FREE and will handle all communications with your insurance company and the driver’s insurance company to get the compensation you deserve.